The site is a state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility designed to meet local and international cGMP and biosafety requirements and expectations

HVAC system is designed to effectively eliminate air borne contaminants, to control over pressures, dust, relative humidity and temperature. All are suitable for the manufacturing, packaging and holding of the in-process materials, finished Products and others Materials.

The entire production block is classified based on the nature of operation / process / product, considered in the facility.

Conventional air flow is arranged in all clean rooms; air is supplied through high efficiency particulate air terminal filter. Air flows downwards and is removed mainly from the lower level. Critical working areas are supplemented by local laminar flow work stations.

The HVAC system is GMP automatic control (Building Management System (BMS)) for production areas and laboratories; the system is capable of delivering the specified air conditions and air changes within the clean rooms.

Twenty three air handling units

Twenty five exhaust fans


EP/USP Purified Water generation, storage and distribution system – BRAM-COR – Italy
– Production capacity : 3 m3/ hr.
– PW Storage Tank Capacity : 5 m3

EP/USP Water for Injection generation, storage and distribution system
– Production capacity : 1 m3/ hr.
– WFI Storage Tank Capacity : 3 m3
– Pure Steam Capacity : 0.5 m3/ hr.