ValleyVac® H5 Plus ND G7

ValleyVac H5 Plus NDG7


Inactivated bivalent vaccine of Highly pathogenic avian influenza H5 (HPAI H5) – Newcastle disease virus (NDV). For widest protection of poultry flocks through high antigenic mass of recent circulating HPAI H5 clades and , and Newcastle disease virus NDV.

Protection of poultry flocks against current circulating Highly pathogenic avian influenza H5 and Newcastle disease virus

Brand name

0.5 ml / Bird

Active ingredients
Inactivated HPAI H5 clades and, and NDV GVII Whole virus (High Concentration)

Method of Administration
Intramuscular in high thigh or breast muscle, or subcutaneous at the lower part of the neck.

Please do not freeze. Store in dark and cool place at 2 -8°C

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