Egyptian Company for Biological and Pharmaceutical Industries (Vaccine Valley) specialized in Development Manufacturing of Vaccines and biological and pharmaceutical products

Gives its priorities to:

  • Customer satisfaction by producing high quality products that matches their needs and expectations;
  • Invading new markets and increasing our market share in both local and international markets;
  • Consistent training of workers to increase their competencies and experiences;
  • Determining risks / opportunities and their negative / positive impacts;
  • Commitment to the principles of occupational health and safety and providing a safe & healthy work environment to workers, visitors, contractors and the community;
  • Improving work environment and environmental performance to make sure of better environmental performance, preventing pollution & protecting workers from incidents;
  • Participation and consultation of workers or their representatives in developing, planning, implementing & evaluating actions for improving QOHSE management system.

Our strategies to implement this Policy are:

  • Establishing and implementing an integrated management system; including:
     ISO 9001:2015 on quality management systems;
     ISO 45001:2018 on occupational health and safety management systems;
     ISO 14001: 2015 on environmental management systems.
  • Implementing “Plan-Do-Check-Act; PDCA” systematic approach to continually improve Vaccine Valley working system through internal & external audits, top management MRMs, workers’ complaints & suggestions box, consistent training & refreshment to workers, and submitting periodic reports on QHSE performance with full transparency;
  • Compliance with local and international specifications related to hygienic industries and legal requirements and other requirements on environment, occupational health and safety, quality, product safety and customer requirements;
  • Implementing an effective system to protect workers, visitors, contractors & the community against OHS risks & environmental aspects, analyze them, assess their negative effects & take corrective actions to be eliminated as well as identify EHS opportunities, assess their positive effects & take actions to be caught;
  • Setting a training plan on the principles of quality, OHS and environmental preservation;
  • Rational utilization of resources for sustainable development, protection of biodiversity and ecosystem, preservation of internal and external environments, disposing wastes appropriately that may affect the surrounding environment, and insure against fire through an emergency plan provided with required equipment & those used in environmental preservation;
  • Consistent supervising workers to assure their full commitment to this policy and investigate in the any work-related incidents or any other environmental obstacles to prevent their reoccurrence,
  • Setting annual targets, providing the main resources for improving & enhancing performance, submitting periodic reports & reviewing the implementation of QHSE objectives,


Vaccine Valley workers, contractors & visitors are responsible for abiding by this policy in all sites; including administrative offices, production halls, maintenance & facilities, warehouses, laboratory and catering area.

The managers in their respective are accountable for ensuring that this policy is fully communicated and implemented and its effectiveness is reviewed annually, making it available to interested parties whenever requested and notifying them in case of any core changes that affect company’s processes.