Our vaccination service staff conduct a number of tests and measurements according to standard procedures in our customers farms

Our goal is to work side by side with our dear customers to improve the quality of vaccination to achieve 100% of flock well vaccinated.
We execute a complete vaccination process during our routine visits :
Vaccine preparation – Dosage control – Vaccine application – Equipment care – Workers training

1.Services in Farms


Farm vaccination

Vaccine valley believe that the proper protection starts from proper vaccine application , from here we guarantee the success of vaccine delivery procedures by providing integrated vaccination process , highly qualified technicians & vaccination experts with premium vaccination equipment as

– VV execute and proceed the vaccination program according to the identified and standard instructions (specific dose with accurate application methodology ).

– VV work on improving the quality of vaccination and for achieving superior flock protection.

– VV make sure the equipment is in sound working condition.

– VV Provide frequent training and audit for vaccination team.

VV ensure that biosecurity programs are applied , having in mind that the best protection against any kind of challenge is simply to avoid the challenge.

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In order to evaluate the success of vaccination , Vaccine Valley carrying out farm sampling on regular basis to track the flock health statues making sure they are performing well

Samples sent to certified laboratories for diagnosis

– HI
– Sequencing

3.Technical and Scientific Support


We believe our role to Pass our inherit and scientific based solutions to our industry to achieve maximum profit and gain our producers loyalty
driven by our social responsibility towards livestock and human welfare.

Vaccine Valley take responsibility to protect the animal industry and the economy seriously by conducting regular summits and awareness campaigns to identify the epidemiological updates and educate producers to how to control circulating diseases to achieve a successful profitable results from their flock.

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